children's dentistry

Dr. Paulo Viana and his associates offer a wide variety of children’s dentistry services in London and Komoka.

Let us help your child develop healthy lifelong dental habits.

Children are special. A little extra time and attention make a child’s visit to the dentist pleasant and comfortable. Our preventative philosophy includes careful examinations, x-rays (when necessary), use of pit and fissure sealants, regular cleanings with fluoride, and age-appropriate instructions that guide your child toward developing healthy oral habits.

When to Take Your Child to the Dentist
We recommend you bring your children in for their first appointment when their first teeth begin to erupt, usually just before their first birthday. We cans pot potential problems before they develop and will help you to understand the development of your child’s healthy smile.

Your child’s twenty primary teeth will find their place around the age of three, making this age essential for creating lifelong oral care habits. Dental visits will allow us to supervise and ensure proper development of your child's teeth while we work to guide your child on the path to a healthy mouth.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Viana to discuss your children’s dental care. You can find us at Viana Family Dental Centre in Komoka and Dr. Paulo Viana and Associates in White Oaks Mall Dental Clinic of London.
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