Sports Mouthguards

Most sporting leagues suggest or even require that you wear appropriate protective gear while engaged in their activity. If the sport involves contact or the potential for an impact, you will likely be required to wear padding to protect yourself. If a mouthguard is not on the list required gear, ADD IT YOURSELF!

Mouthguards from Dr. Paulo Viana & His Associates
Dr. Paulo Viana and his associates create custom fitted mouthguards that work best for your situation. A mouthguard will prevent your lower jaw from impacting into your upper jaw, preventing teeth from cracking or fracturing, concussions, neck injuries, and more.
Why Custom Mouthguards? 
While there are several mouthguard options available to you in sporting stores, they may not be providing you with the protection you need. A custom-fitted mouthguard will offer you increased protection and are well worth the effort.

If you or your children are involved in contact sports or any activity where an impact is possible, we highly recommend having a custom fitted mouthguards created. If you are unsure of your current mouthguard’s effectiveness, schedule an appointment and bring it our office.

Contact Dr. Viana today to discuss your mouthguard needs. We are located at Viana Family Dental Centre in Komoka and Dr. Paulo Viana and Associates in London.
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